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Delegates of Diligentia College visit Colleges in CUHK Ⅰ

  • 2016.12.27
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An exchange visit of college development to five CUHK Colleges was paid by Diligentia on December 22nd, 2016.

On December 22nd, 2016, Wednesday, a delegation was sent by Diligentia to CUHK for exchanges on college system and development with Lee Woo Sing College, C.W. Chu College, Shaw College, United College, and Wu Yee Sun College.

Visit to Lee Woo Sing College

Widely acclaimed magnificent French windows, picturesque landscape and exquisite dishes

Energy-saving Smart Meter System

The CUHK(SZ) delegation, comprising Mr. Kin Chung Yuen (VP of CUHK(SZ)), Prof. Yang Gu (Head of Diligentia), Ms. Dorothy Wong (Director of UPCO), and staff from Muse College, interchanged views on the development and management of college system with CUHK’s Prof. Kenneth Young (Head of C.W. Chu College), Ms Lee Mee Wah (College Secretary), and Ms. Lam Hou-heung (Shaw College Secretary).

Mr. Kin Chung Yuen and Prof. Yang Gu present gifts to Prof. Kenneth Young, Ms Lee Mee Wah, and Ms. Lam Hou-heung, and posed for photographs.

Communication with United College on college culture and management model.

The College motto “Ming De Xin Min” means “to manifest virtue and renovate the people”. It is modified from a passage in the classic The Great Learning. The original text reads: “The Way of the great learning involves manifesting virtue, renovating the people, and abiding by the highest good.”

Prof. Yang Gu (Head of Diligentia) and Prof. Jimmy C M Yu (Head of United College)interchanged gifts and posed for photographs.
Visit to Wu Yee Sun College
Creativity Laboratory
College Gallery


The delegation wrapped up the visit and summed up experience learned from the visit on college development and management system, from which the Diligentia would draw essence to build its own college culture. 


(Some photos are from CUHK website)