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10 Lectures for a Fresh Undergraduate @HSS Lecture 3: Time Management

  • 2017.09.26
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Prof. Xitao Fan, the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science shared his insightful ideas on the topic of Time Management with fresh undergraduate students from SME, SSE and HSS on September 20. It is a Lecture from the series ‘10 Lectures for a Fresh Undergraduate@HSS’ .

Prof. Fan started with a quote from Disciple Gauge, which inspired freshmen to arrange things according to their priorities and remain careful when facing deadlines. Prof. Fan also pointed out the major difference between college life and the life in high school: Unlike high school where teachers made plans for students, college students must know how to arrange their schedules and manage their time by themselves.

There are too many distractions around us, Prof. Fan said, smart phones and computers are the main culprits for students’ poor academic performances. Students should carefully consider how much time they should spent on entertainment.

Some people may assume that those people with great achievements are born with talents. Prof. Fan said this is not the case. According to the research, their level of knowledge and skills are closely related to how much time they spent in practicing. To become a professional in a field, a person needs to practice at least “ten thousand” hours. This is called “Ten-thousand Hours Principle”.

Other tips:

1.Freshman must get used to the environment where they are not the focus of attention.

2. It is always too late when students find out their GPA have declined.

3.Position yourself properly. Given that all our students are talented and hardworking, it is not easy to get straight A’s.

4.Find your learning pace and stick to it.

5.Get more sleep. 7 to 8 hours sleep a day is necessary for college students.

6. Instead of being too ambitious, you should keep calm and carry on.