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Second Cohort of Postgraduate Students Graduate

  • 2017.11.28
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Established in 2014, CUHK (SZ) witnessed the graduation of its second cohort of postgraduate students on November 21.

Established in 2014, CUHK-Shenzhen witnessed the graduation of its second cohort of postgraduate students on November 21, 2017. Members of CUHK-Shenzhen Governing Board, faculty of the University, special guests, parents and friends of postgraduates, and principals of key high schools attended the graduation ceremony.



President Xu Yangsheng encourage students to serve the community and engage in lifelong learning


“I hope you understand that graduation is not the end of knowledge pursuit but a beginning of a new height. Quoting from Confucius, ‘Even in a village with ten households, there must be people as loyal and faithful as me, but they are not as studious as me’, from this you could see, he valued the importance of learning. The time you study in the university is relevantly short and limited,which is not enough to help you establish a robust and complete knowledge system for life or equip you with a broad horizon.” President Xu hoped the graduated will keep pursuit learning after graduation. He also emphasized that the core of leadership is a sense of service and encouraged students to better serve others. “I hope you would view and plan your life with a long-term perspective. Face obstacles with braveness and turn them into valuable treasures of your life.” President Xu said.



Then, the graduated from Science in Master of Financial Engineering, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Arts in Translation& Interpreting Studies, and Master of Arts in Simultaneous Interpreting received President Xu’s congratulations on the stage.




Nobel Laureate Encourages Applications and Contributions to The Best Time of Finance in China


Prof. Myron Scholes, Nobel laureate in Economics addressed in the ceremony. He encouraged the students to combine theories with practice in the future career and study, and keep motivated in terms of financial innovation. “ I sense that, in retrospect, it will be judged as an amazing period for financial innovation and for China because the modernization of finance and the innovations in finance will have a dramatic effect on the wealth and growth of China,” said Prof. Myron Scholes. “I am proud that the Chinese University of Hong Kong ,Shenzhen is in the center of technological innovation. You and your fellow students reflect this emphasis. I am excited that the financial technology center will foster further studies and modeling of the interactions between technology and finance.”, Prof. Myron Scholes mentioned that Mr Xi has expressed the view that finance and financial intermediation will play an important role in making China “moderately prosperous” in the coming years,“The internationalization of the yuan will be a necessary step to facilitate wealth creation. This is a new and exciting frontier.”



President Xu Yangsheng granted a letter of appointment of the Distinguished Professor-at-Large to Prof. Myron Scholes, the fourth Nobel laureate teaching at the university. CUHK-Shenzhen has drawn top-tier professors and scholars from all over the world, including Nobel laureates, Turing Award winners, Members of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, Members of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, Members of The National Academy of Sciences, and Members of The Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, etc.


Where are the Graduates Going?

Among 42 Financial Engineering graduates from SSE, most of them have secured their occupation. They work in securities companies, accounting firm, banks, State enterprises and institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, including Price Waterhouse, The CITIC Securities, Qianhai Securities, Industrial, and Commercial Bank of China, and National Development and Reform Commission.


To fulfill their major advantages, 19 postgraduate students of Finance received offers from fund companies, securities, and investment banks, including Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Investment Banking Department of China International Capital Corporation Limited, the Investment Banking Department of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., and Bosera Funds.


The majority of 56 postgraduate students majoring in Translation and Interpreting Studies and Simultanous Interpreting recieved offer from transnational and domestic enterprises, including AGB Nielsen Market Research, Qatar Airways, Unilever, CCTV, Tencent, Huawei, China International Foundation, BGI, and China Astronautic Publishing House. Some have become self-employed and provide service for international conferences and activities in Shenzhen.


CUHK -Shenzhen adopts a postgraduate application system in line with international standards. To enroll elite applicants, the University will fully examine applicants’ academic achievements, language abilities, professional interests, and practical experiences.


In response to the call of the nation and the Pearl River Delta region for high-end talents, the University offers doctoral programs since 2016 and has opened postgraduate programs in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Economics, Accounting, and Data Science in 2017. Students will enjoy a stimulating international learning and research environment and the graduate programs will propel CUHK-Shenzhen to evolve into a world-class research university with strong Chinese cultural influence.