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CUHK-Shenzhen Holds Commemorative Bench Naming Ceremony

  • 2018.05.18
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen held the " Commemorative Bench Naming Ceremony " on May 15, 2018.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen held the "Commemorative Bench Naming Ceremony" on May 15, 2018.


A total of four benches were named next to the landscape pool at the University's Lower Campus. The ceremony was to thank Mr. Che Yueqiao, Honorary President of the Federation of Hong Kong and Zhejiang Provincial Associations, former member of The Council of Shaw College, CUHK, and Chairman of Hong Kong Science Instruments Co., Ltd. and Dr. Zeng Shaoqiang, member of Guangdong CPPCC Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Hanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Chairman of the Shenzhen Zeng Shaoqiang Charity Foundation for their generous support in the past four years. The naming ceremony also commended our outstanding alumni, including Mr. Zhang Liwei (Class 2017, Master of Science in Financial Engineering), Wang Xin (Class 2018, Master of Science in Finance) as well as Li Zhixuan and Yan Danyang (Class 2018, bachelor degree graduates from SME).


Prof. Yangsheng Xu, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Prof. K.C. YUEN, Vice President (Administration), Prof. Shiping Zhu, Vice President (External and Student Affairs), and other university officers attended the ceremony.


Speech by Prof. Xu Yangsheng, President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen


President Yangsheng Xu introduced the development and achievements of the University since its establishment four years ago and pointed out that the University is about to welcome the graduation ceremony for the first cohort of undergraduate student. This "Commemorative Bench Naming Ceremony" hopes to express our sincere gratitude to our friends who have given valuable support to the University over the past four years. Mr. Che Yueqiao and Mr. Zeng Shaoqiang have been keenly concerned about the development of the University since its establishment and have given selfless help to the running of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. President Xu expressed the hope that through the bench-naming, everyone can remember the contributions of Mr. Che and Mr. Zeng to the University. “In the future, no matter you are studying or relaxing on a bench, you can remember those who have helped us, especially friends who gave us help in tough times."


Vice President Zhu presented commemorative gifts to Zhang Liwei, Wang Xin, Li Zhixuan, and Yan Danyang

President Xu also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to outstanding university alumni, including Zhang Liwei, Wang Xin, Li Zhixuan, and Yan Danyang. President Xu Yangsheng mentioned: “This is the first donation received by the University from alumni and graduates and will surely be recorded in the history of the University. The University is proud of you!” Mr. Zhang Liwei, who currently serves as vice president of Li Jing Capital, remarked at his speech that "it is the study at the Financial Engineering Programme that has helped me open the door to the world of investment”. The University motto that "broadening one's intellectual horizon and keeping within the bounds of propriety" will also be the guide of my career development."


Li Zhixuan (Class of 2018) also made a speech on behalf of their entrepreneurial team. She stated that “this donation is a tribute to our alma mater and is also a token of thanks to the enterprises that have always supported the development of our university. I hope that more alumni will be able to give back to the University and to the society in the future". At the same times, she urged the juniors to believe in themselves, believe in the future, and always remember responsibility and gratitude.


The “Commemorative Bench Naming Ceremony” aims to name the benches in recognition of the donation and support of friends from all walks of life and alumni to the University, and to remember every friend who supports and helps us.