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The Idioms Contest

  • 2016.12.14
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The SALL Centre held an Idioms Contest that lasted for a week, from 28 November to 2 December. The response was excellent. Entrants in the contest matched English idioms like “apple of my eye,” “spill the beans,” and “pie in the sky” with scenes illustrated in a picture. The contest was challenging, and students did impressively well.

The winners of the Conetest were invited to a prize-awarding ceremony held at the Centre on Friday afternoon on 9th December. Dr. Helena Wong (Director) and Laura Jones-Katz (Centre Lecturer) were joined by HSS's Acting Dean, Professor Gu, and Associate Dean, Professor Wang, who were invited to present the prizes to the winners.

The Deans converse with Dr. Wong and Ms. Jones-Katz about the Centre's activities.

Several English teachers and students came to the ceremony to show support for the event. Before the ceremony, Dr. Wong and Ms. Jones-Katz explained to Professor Gu, Professor Wang and the guests how the picture skillfully depicts idiom-related images to help students learn English idioms. All the guests showed immense interest in the picture used in the Idioms Contest. Answers for the contest and explanations of the idioms involved can be found in the SALL Centre for the remainder of the semester. In addition to its regular services, which include tutoring, workshops, the English Table and e-learning programmes, the SALL Centre will try to offer activities like contests in the coming semester.